Don’t miss Salem Speedway’s 4th of July Independence Day celebration featuring the 31st annual Firecracker 150 with the ever-popular Lucas Oil Great American Stocks under the lights on the famous High-Banks!. And that’s not all -- the Outlaw Figure-8s and Ford Crown Vics will light up the quarter-mile. Plus, a gigantic Fireworks display to light up the Salem sky! Three thrilling divisions and Fireworks!


Procedures, Lucas Oil Great American Stocks


  • This General Guidelines section applies to each and every driver, mechanic and/or pit personnel. You are expected to understand the rules; ignorance will not be tolerated as an excuse.
  • Any disagreement over technical questions or operations will be resolved by Speedway Officials. When their decision is rendered, such decision is final and binding. Speedway Officials will determine all finishing positions and their decision is final and non-litigate.
  • Any feature is completed when over one-half of the scheduled length has been run or the event has been terminated by the Officials for safety reasons.
  • Every driver must inspect the racing surface and racetrack area to learn of any defects, obstructions or anything which, in his/her opinion, is unsafe, and then report that condition to the Competition Director. Any driver entering any racing events is considered to have inspected the track with all conditions being satisfactory to him/her. If not, he/she should not race. That further indicates that he/she is aware that auto racing involves risks and he/she assumes these risks with full awareness and knowledge.
  • Salem Speedway assumes no responsibility for damage to or loss of your equipment, vehicle or any parts by any means whatsoever.
  • Protests to finishing positions in any race event must be made within 30 minutes after results are posted. These protests must be made in writing and given to the Chief Scorer.
  • A competitor must take whatever steps are required, including tear down of car, as requested by officials to facilitate inspection of car.
  • Any racing vehicle deemed to have an unfair advantage may be required to add weight or some other device to equalize competition.
  • If rain checks are given to the spectators, all racing events, monies and points, are voided for that entire date.


  • Drivers Meeting: It is mandatory for the driver and spotter to attend. Crew chiefs encouraged to attend but not required. No others will be allowed.
  • Spotters: Spotters are mandatory and must sign in the spotters’ area 15min before start of the event .
  • RACEceiver: All teams must be equipped with one RACEceiver in order to monitor Race Control. It is the responsibility of the spotters to utilize RACEceivers. Frequencies to be announced. Spotters should keep your drivers calm, cool and patient.
  • Driver changes must be reported to the Pit Steward prior to the car going on the track to line up. Failure to do so may result in disqualification of the car.
  • When a driver change is made, other than the driver who qualified for that program, the car must start at the rear of the field.
  • Double-file restarts: The restarts will be double file with lead lap cars in front of lapped cars in the order the cars were running on the track. Cars will double up as they reach the start finish line when given the “one to go” signal. Leader gets choice of inside or outside, everyone from third on back lines up how they are running.
  • Group Qualifying: Group qualifying will be used at all events. We will release a maximum of (6) six cars at a time for 5 laps. The best 2 laps will be recorded as your qualifying time for the event. The fast qualifier will roll one dice for the feature event’s invert, which will be 3 through 6. In the event of a tie the second lap will break the tie.
  • Practice: The amount of practice will be determined by number of divisions present, type of divisions present, weather conditions and track situations.
  • Late Arrivals: Cars arriving after qualifying is completed will have to start on the tail of any racing events. Tow-rigs will be prohibited from entering pit area after practice has started No cars or haulers will be permitted to leave or enter the pit area until the last race is over. Remember, if last chance races are necessary you must compete to retain your starting position in the feature. Feature event lengths will vary between series and events, check the day’s schedule.
  • Line-Ups: Line-ups will be posted in each division at their designated areas. It is the responsibility of the drivers to check his/her starting positions and be ready to race when called for an event. The program will not be held up for an empty slot in the line-up; the race will begin without them. Cars not ready to race may be placed at the rear of the line up or disqualified from the event. All cars not in place when the Race Director gives the command to roll the field will be placed at the tail of the field. Anyone that goes back to his/her pit area after the first car rolls will be placed at the tail of the field. If anyone scratches from the field after the official line-up is set, cars will move straight ahead to fill vacant position.
  • Pre-Race: Any car not on the starting grid when driver introductions begin will have to start at the tail of the field. Once the field has been gridded, any car that goes to the pits will be placed at the tail of the field.
  • Rough driving will not be tolerated. Rough driving can result in penalties including being sent to the tail of the field or possible disqualification from the event.
  • Starter has the authority to start any event whether all cars called to the track are ready or not. Cars will be given a three-minute time limit to be on the track and ready to race.
  • Green Flag: on initial starts and/or restarts, race will begin/resume immediately when green flag is displayed. Race Officials reserve the right to make applicable rulings/decisions in regard to “jumping” the starts and/or restarts. Once the green flag has been displayed, all passing to the right (no passing to the left) up until the start/finish line. If any start/restart is waved off for any reason after the green flag has been displayed, cars will be placed in their last officially recorded positions for the starts/restarts. All restarts will be double-file with the leader choosing inside or outside lane.
  • Yellow Flag: When the yellow flag is displayed, all cars must hold their position. All cars must get single file and stay single file. All cars must slow to a caution pace and bunch up as quickly as safety allows so safety crews can work on track. If a yellow or red flag is thrown before the leader has taken the white flag there will be a green-white-checker-finish, and repeated as necessary until race is complete. Cars will be lined up on the ensuing restart according to how they were officially running during the last completed green flag lap. There will be no racing back to the line, unless the leader has already received the White Flag and the Race Director decides it is safe to. If it is not safe to race back on the last lap there will be a green white checker restart.
  • Lucky Dog: At the time the caution comes out, the first car behind the leader 1 lap down will be deemed to be the Lucky Dog (as long as they are not the cause of the yellow). The Lucky Dog will stay in their position throughout the caution period (Lucky Dog may pit if they elect to), until directed to pass the pace car or drop to the tail of the field and have your lap added manually. Lucky Dog must always restart on the tail of the field. No Lucky Dog will be awarded in the last 10 laps of the race.
  • Cars Involved in the Caution: Cars causing the caution/yellow flag must restart from the tail of the field. Decisions regarding cars involved are made by the Race Director and are final. Passing under caution/yellow will result in a penalty. Cars stopping on the track to create their own caution will receive a two-lap penalty. Stopping or pulling out of line unless instructed by an Official will result in a penalty.
  • Pitting Procedure: You must stay single file behind the pace car during the cautions unless you are coming to the pits. You may pull to the inside to pit only after the pace car picks up the field and the Race Director opens the pits, do not pull down until you reach the backstretch behind the pace car. All cars that go to the pits under yellow must restart at the tail of the field. Cars pitting cannot pass pace car, even while entering the pits.
  • Pit Road Speed: Pit road speed limit is 30 mph. If a car exceeds the limit, they may be black-flagged for a stop and go penalty or required to restart at the tail of the field. Cars may not pass the pace car at any time (unless directed by the Race Director).
  • No cars may pass the caution/pace car unless directed to do so by an Official. Any cars illegally passing the caution car or race leader will be black-flagged and penalized.
  • Pit crew and or family members shall not go on the track for any reason unless instructed to. The only time drivers or cars may receive service is when they have completely stopped in their pit box.
  • Cars returning to the racetrack from the pits while the caution is out must do so at the rear of the field. If you return to the track while still under caution you will not lose a lap!
  • Restart Line-Up: Restart Line-up will revert to the last completed lap with any penalized cars or cars that pit, going to the tail. Lead lap cars will be placed in front of lapped cars under yellow. Restarts will always take place at the discretion of the Official Starter. The Starter will signify “one to go” before the Green Flag will again be displayed. The leader should gradually and steadily increase his pace after the pace car has pulled away. No slowing, weaving, brake checking or decrease in acceleration once the pace car leaves the field. If a green flag lap is not completed before a yellow comes out all cars should go back to their prior position except for any cars that are penalized or cars that pit. Officials, at their discretion, may change to single file restarts at any time. If a driver spins and does not hit anything, he or she gets his position back.
  • Red Flag: All cars must stop as quickly and safely as possible when the red flag is displayed. No working on race cars under Red on the track. Pitting under Red will result in 1-lap penalty unless given permission by the Race Director. Drivers can only go to the pits after race officials resume race activities under caution, unless otherwise specified. Must ask for permission for water and/or to get windshield cleaned.
  • Black Flag: Cars that receive the black flag must go to pit road immediately. If you do not go to pit road, your scoring will stop until the situation is rectified. Check with your Spotter for guidance from Race Control. Race Director has options when it comes to the leader.
  • Blue & Yellow Flag: The blue flag with a diagonal yellow stripe is the courtesy layover flag. Driver is expected to use good judgment when the layover flag is shown.
  • White Flag (one lap to go): When the white flag is shown it means the leader has started his/her last lap. This is the only lap in which driver’s race back to the start/finish line if the caution comes out and the Race Director decides it safe to race back. If not a green white checker restart.
  • Checkered Flag: When the checker flag is displayed, it means the race has been completed. When the required race distance has been completed by the lead car the race will be declared official, regardless of which flag has been displayed. When the checkered flag has been given to the leader, the balance of the field receives the checkered flag in the same lap. Finishing positions will be paid off according to most laps traveled in the least time, regardless of whether the car is running or not.
  • Slow Cars: Slow cars must stay on the bottom in the presence of lead lap cars during the race. Lapped cars that create problems for lead lap cars may be penalized. Lapped cars should let the leaders go by on the outside and then resume racing. Lapped cars that are repeatedly passed on the inside during the race may be penalized. Cars fighting to stay on the lead lap are not forced to yield to the leaders until they have been passed by the leader.
  • Post-Race: The top five finishers must go to the front stretch Victory Lane area immediately following the completion of the race. Crews may not touch the cars until directed to by Officials. Drivers are to remain with cars until released by an Official.
    It is your responsibility to see that your car is legal. No equipment will be considered as having been approved by reason of having passed through tech inspection unobserved.
    Any car that loses a wheel has a door, hood or trunk lid come off or open, or is dragging any part or component, or loose door bars or exhaust protruding in width outward from the car will be black-flagged. The Race Director has final say on if the leader gets black flagged.
    A driver may qualify only one car per division and a car may be qualified only one time per program. If a car is scratched, a driver may qualify another car.
    One person must stay with a wrecked car to assist the wrecker driver.
  • All aspects of these procedures are subject to change at the official’s discretion.


  • Upon admittance to the pit area, you must conduct yourself in a manner not detrimental to racing. Profanity in front of race fans, officials or management, or profane signals on cars, etc., will not be tolerated.
  • No driver may stop his car on the track to argue or discuss the race with Starter or Officials. Violation may be subject to disqualification from the event or suspension or fine according to the decision of the Officials.
  • Verbal or physical abuse of the Officials and improper language or striking an Official will result in suspension.
  • Fighting will not be tolerated. All drivers are held responsible for the conduct of their crew members. No weapons allowed on premises, and violation of this rule may result in indefinite suspension.
  • Press Box and Scoring Tower are off limits to all participants at all times unless granted permission by an Official.
  • Any driver who engages in rough driving such as deliberately running into, blocking or swerving in front of another car may be subject to suspension. Any car intentionally blocking track will be suspended and/or barred permanently to include owner and driver.
  • Driver is responsible for the action of himself/herself and all persons associated with the car and all persons in respective pit area. Penalties may result in forfeiture of points and/or purse for that event. All disqualified drivers, crew members & friends/team associates must stay in their own pit stall.
  • Salem Speedway fueled by the Hoosier Lottery is private property. Any person on this property without permission of Salem Speedway owners or management is guilty of trespassing and is subject to the penalties prescribed by law. Through your car registration you have been given the authority and the right to be on this property in conjunction with racing activities. However, the Administration of Salem Speedway fueled by the Hoosier Lottery reserves the right to revoke and cancel this authority at any time that it is determined that your presence or conduct is not in the best interest of the sport of auto racing, your fellow competitors, fans, management and employees of Salem Speedway fueled by the Hoosier Lottery.
  • In all “photo” finishes, the Race Director and his crew’s decision will be final.


  • The scorer’s decision will determine the finishing positions in all racing events. Races 100 laps or longer may require each participant to furnish a scorer for their car in all divisions.
  • Continuous developments in racing may necessitate changes that we cannot anticipate at the time the guidelines are formulated. If necessary, we may update, change, modify, delete or add to any guidelines.
  • Any situation no specifically covered by these guidelines will be acted upon by the Officials in charge at that time.
  • Whenever it is deemed dangerous to continue a race by the Officials in charge, the event may be discontinued.
  • Posted race-length may be changed at any time during the event at the discretion of track Officials due to weather conditions, or other considerations to include accidents, time restraints, etc.
  • If a racing program is shortened for any reason the purse will be paid only for the events in which you participated, provided the rain check period has passed. If rain checks are given to spectators, no purse will be paid.
  • Drivers, car owners and/or crew members shall have no claims against the Speedway or employees be reason of disqualification or damage to either car or personal property or physical injury. All illegal parts will be confiscated. Unsportsmanlike conduct deemed detrimental to continuance of an event is subject to the loss of points, money or both without recourse to the Speedway.
  • Finish will be paid on official results.

Salem Speeday Fueled by The Hoosier Lottery Breaking News

Xtreme Roval 150 coming to
Salem Speedway Sun., Sept. 29

Front Wheel Drive Compacts & Full-Sized Ford Crown Vics ready for road course adventure

SALEM, Ind. (Sept. 20, 2019) -- The greatest race drivers in the world are arguably those who master the art of road course racing, right- and left-handers connected with high-speed straightaways in between.

Competitors of Salem Speedway Fueled by the Hoosier Lottery will get that opportunity Sunday afternoon, Sept. 29 when the Six Sigma Xtreme Roval 150 comes to town. The event will feature the best of both worlds, as the course utilizes the half-mile, high-banks in turns one and two, portions of the front and back straightaways and a series of left and right turns on the quarter-mile inside oval.

The track layout presents a challenge to both drivers and machines said Salem Speedway General Manager Richard Deaton.

“The Roval road course is a different ballgame.  It demands different techniques, different thinking in both driving and car setup”, said Deaton.

The 2019 edition of the Six Sigma Xtreme Roval 150 features a new longer track layout that features eight turns and two long straightaways.

This year’s event will feature two divisions, including a 100-lap main event for the Front Wheel Drive Compact class and a 50-lap feature for the full-sized Affordable Stock Car Racing Ford Crown Vics.

PNC pit gates open at 9:30 a.m. with spectator gates opening at 11:30. Practice is scheduled to start at 11:30 followed by the first race at 1:30 p.m.

Advance general admission tickets, priced at just $10 for adults and teens, and $3 for children 7-12, are on sale now at SalemSpeedway.com or by calling 812-883-6504 or 888-246-7223.

Ty Gibbs dominates Kentuckiana Ford Dealers ARCA
Fall Classic Hadley wins Great American Stock feature;
Kimmel secures season championship

SALEM, Ind. (Sept. 14, 2019) -- Ty Gibbs, grandson of three-time Super Bowl champion coach Joe Gibbs, must have received some stellar coaching ahead of the Kentuckiana Ford Dealers ARCA Fall Classic. The 17-year-old rookie, in the No. 18 Monster Energy-Terrible Herbst Toyota, led 196 of 200 laps on his way to taking his second career ARCA Menards Series victory Saturday night at Salem Speedway Fueled by the Hoosier Lottery.

Gibbs, who also earned his career-first General Tire Pole award, seemed to be on a rail. The Huntersville, N.C. rookie gave up the lead just once when runner-up finisher Christian Eckes, in a Venturini Motorsports Toyota, beat the Joe Gibbs Racing team off pit road after a four-tire stop. It didn’t matter though as Gibbs charged right back into the lead on the restart and drove away from the competition.

“The car was so good tonight; it would have been hard to lose this one,” said Gibbs. “We only lost the lead once, but I wasn’t worried. The car was so good, I knew we’d get it right back.”

Gibbs’s grandfather Joe Gibbs, also a four-time NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series champion team owner, was on hand for the big show and joined his grandson in victory lane.

Eckes, in the JBL Audio Toyota, not only finished second, but closed the gap in the championship chase with just two races remaining after championship leader Michael Self spent the majority of the race behind the pit wall with mechanical issues. Self, who had a 70-point lead going in, left with a slim five-point advantage over Eckes.

“I hate it for Michael (Self),” said Eckes, of Middletown, N.Y. “He’s a great friend and if we’re going to beat him in the championship, I’d rather do it on the track. We just didn’t have anything for the 18 (Gibbs); he was beating us all the way around the track. We’ll take what we got and go to Lucas Oil (Raceway) and give it our best.”

Marietta, Ga.’s Corey Heim, in the No. 22 Chad Bryant Racing Ford, tied his career-best ARCA finish in third.

“When we bolted on those four fresh General Tires at the end, the car just came alive,” said Heim. “This is definitely the most challenging race track I’ve ever raced on, and I loved every minute of it.”

Munford, Ala.’s Bret Holmes finished fourth ahead of Franklin, Wis.’s Sam Mayer in fifth.

In earlier action, Louisville’s Kyle Hadley held off Sellersburg, Ind.’s Will Kimmel to win the Built Ford Proud 50-lap feature event for the Lucas Oil Great American Stocks. Hadley, in the No. 12 Mr. Heating & Cooling-Holy Smokes BBQ-Pro Tint Chevrolet, capitalized on the misfortunes of Todd Kempf and David Bayens, who tangled battling for the lead just ahead of Hadley. Bayens made contact with the backend of Kempf’s car in turns three and four resulting in both cars spinning. Both Kempf and Bayens were sent to the tail-end for the restart and neither driver was able to get back to battle for the win. Kimmel, by virtue of his second-place finish, clinched the season championship in the Lucas Oil Great American Stock division.

“Our plan was to just get in line and ride tonight,” said Kimmel. “As it turned out, we had to go a little harder than we wanted to, but it all worked out. It’s been a great season; got the pole again, finished second and won the championship. Big thanks to all our guys...we’ve got a lot of hard-working volunteers on this team...thanks to E3 Spark Plugs, T&T Construction, Eddie Gilstrap Motors, Jax Wax and all the sponsors who make it possible.”

Austin Baum (Shepherdsville, Ky.), in the No. 74 Baum’s Racing Supply, B&D Weed Control-Shane Wilson Lawn Care Chevrolet, finished a career-best third. Jamie Goodman, in the No. 75 Wright Mechanical-Turtlefish Clothing Chevrolet, finished a career-best fourth.

Kempf rallied back to finish fifth head of Bayens in sixth.

The next event at Salem Speedway Fueled by the Hoosier Lottery is the Xtreme Roval 150 for the Front-Wheel Drive Compacts and the full-sized Crown Vics Sunday afternoon, Sept. 29.


SALEM, Ind. (Aug. 24, 2019) -- Borden, Indiana’s David Bayens held off the non-stop hard charge from Owensboro, Kentucky’s Heath Helton to win the Lucas Oil Great American Stock 50-lap main event Saturday night at Salem Speedway Fueled by the Hoosier Lottery, his first of the 2019 season.

It didn’t hurt that Bayens started from the pole in his No. 32 Gilliatt Construction-Skyline Chili-Shane Wilson Lawn Care Chevrolet.

“Oh yeah it makes all the difference here,” said Bayens, who never once gave up the lead. “You’re racing against the best street stock racers in the country every week at Salem.”

Halfway through the feature, Helton caught Bayens but couldn’t find a way around the eventual winner. With laps winding down, Bayens rallied and pulled away by 10 lengths to earn his 31st career feature win at Salem, second on the all-time win list.

“We just kept hitting our marks...backed off a little to save our tires so we’d have enough to work with in the end. We won the Halloween 200 last year, but this is the first regular show I’ve won in a long time. It almost feels better than winning the Halloween.”

In the end, Helton, not only lost contact with Bayens, he did all he could do to hold off Kyle Hadley for second. An on-track incident early on sent Hadley to pit road with a flat tire. He rejoined the field from the tail-end and charged back through the pack to battle the leaders in closing laps. Hadley finished third hot on the heels of Helton, who held on for second.

Brandon Deckard finished fourth, his second consecutive top-five finish. Veteran Tony Conway finished fifth, giving car owner Tim Sebastian finishes of first and fifth.

Matt Stice held off Will Kimmel to finish sixth.

Kimmel was the fast-qualifier for the fifth straight show but made two unscheduled pit stops to repair damage. He restarted from the tail but could do no better than seventh in the final running order.

John McLaren finished eighth, Justin Fiedler ninth and Todd Kempf rounded out the top-10.

The Vores Compact Touring Series, 30 cars strong, made its first appearance of the 2019 season at Salem. Mainesville, Ohio’s Jess Drook out-dueled Terry Eaton, Jr. in lapped traffic to win the 30-lap main event. Bowling Green, Kentucky’s Brandon Dalton finished second ahead of Gary Eaton, Jr. (West Liberty, Ohio) in third. Terry Eaton, Jr. fell to fourth in the final running order with Jeff Vore (Ridgeville, Indiana) trailing in fifth.

The next event at Salem will be the 106th running of the ARCA Menards Series Sept. 14, under the lights with the Kentuckiana Ford Dealers Fall Classic 200. The Lucas Oil Great American Stocks will join the ARCA national tour for the stock car double-header.


SALEM, Ind. (Aug. 10, 2019) -- Kingsburg, Calif.’s Kody Swanson led wire to wire to win the 60th running of the Visit Scott County Joe James/Pat O’Connor Memorial presented by the Kentuckiana Ford Dealers Saturday night at Salem Speedway Fueled by the Hoosier Lottery. He also held his own in the history books, tying Pancho Carter’s record of winning four-consecutive James/O’Connor Memorials, a feat Carter set between 1974 and ’77.

Swanson, who won the pole position in the No. 20 Gene Nolen Racing entry, jumped into the top spot at the start and never relinquished the lead. The only thing that gave his competition a chance was a few caution flags that allowed the field to bunch up behind the eventual winner. It didn’t matter, however; Swanson was able to drive away as necessary to secure a record 28th USAC Silver Crown Champ Car Series victory in his 100th series start. The 4-time Silver Crown champion also padded his points lead heading to next Saturday’s race on the Springfield (Ill.) Mile Dirt.

Franklin, Massachusetts’ Bobby Santos finished 10 lengths away in second with Aaron Pierce (Muncie, Ind.) coming home third. Danville, Indiana’s Kyle Hamilton finished fourth with Shullsburg, Wisconsin’s David Byrne trailing in fifth. Justin Grant, Eric Gordon, Derek Bischak, James Davison and Kyle Robbins completed the top-10 finishers, respectively. Davison, from Melbourne, Australia, finished 12th in the 2019 Indianapolis 500 back in May.

Will Kimmel made headlines in the Lucas Oil Great American Stocks division, winning the 50-lap feature event in the No. 69 E3 Spark Plugs-T&T Construction Chevrolet. The third-generation Salem racer from Sellersburg, Ind. also took over the championship points lead from Owensboro, Kentucky’s Heath Helton who was involved in a crash in turn two. Helton was not injured but unable to complete the race.

Kimmel, who won his fourth consecutive pole award, started seventh by inversion and utilized the inside groove to move into second by lap three. Then he gave race leader Kyle Hadley a nudge in turn three causing Hadley’s machine to wiggle just enough to allow Kimmel to make the inside pass for the lead. From there, Kimmel held off Huntingburg, Indiana’s Todd Kempf to win his second consecutive feature event at Salem. Kempf held on for second in front of Brandon Deckard (Shepherdsville, Ky.), who finished a career-best third. David Bayens finished fourth. Trent Bayer finished a career-best fifth. Matt Stice finished sixth. John McLaren finished a career-best seventh. Craig Rogers, Shayne Slider and Kyle Hadley completed the top-10, respectively.

The next event at Salem is the Back to School Bash presented by Ace Hardware Saturday, Aug. 24. The big night of fun features this year’s first visit from the Vores Compact cars on the high-banks and the Lucas Oil Great American Stocks. There’ll be free grandstand attendance for all kids 12 and under, when accompanied by an adult.



Due to insurance regulations and our desire to keep the Salem Speedway camping area a safe family friendly atmosphere, ATV’s, go-karts, motorized scooters, mopeds, mini bikes or dirt bikes will no longer be allowed in the camping or parking lot area. Golf carts will be allowed if operated in a responsible manner by those with a valid drivers license. Race teams may still use ATV’s for work related purposes.


Due to insurance regulations and our desire to keep the Salem Speedway camping area a safe family friendly atmosphere, ATV’s, go-karts, motorized scooters, mopeds, mini bikes or dirt bikes will no longer be allowed in the camping or parking lot area. Golf carts will be allowed if operated in a responsible manner by those with a valid drivers license. Race teams may still use ATV’s for work related purposes.

Dear Race Fans,

We welcome campers at Salem Speedway for all of our racing events.

We ask your cooperation in making this a great experience for everyone involved. To help keep camping free at Salem Speedway we ask that you please observe a few rules.

  • Don’t abuse camping space. Please do not take more space than absolutely necessary for your campsite. No campers allowed on site or saving of spaces more than 7 days prior to event.
  • Respect those camping around you. Keep music at a lower volume during the late evening hours. Keep pets leashed at all times. No pets allowed inside track.
  • Do not camp outside the marked boundaries.
  • Salem Speedway reserves the right to refuse camp ground entrance to individuals and campers.
  • NO ATV’s, GO-KARTS, MOTORIZED SCOOTERS, MOPEDS, MINI BIKES OR DIRT BIKES ALLOWED ON PREMISES. Golf carts will be allowed if operated in a responsible manner by those with a valid drivers license. This will be strictly enforced. Race teams may still use ATV’s for work related purposes. Those not in compliance with this rule face eviction from grounds.
  • Please be extra careful with campfires during dry and windy conditions.
  • Illegal drugs, explosives, fireworks, firearms, potato launchers, sling shots, guns of any type are prohibited. Excessive drunkenness, lewd or obscene behavior is grounds for eviction from Speedway property.
  • Salem Speedway assumes no responsibility for loss, theft or damage of individual’s private property.
  • All trash and waste to be removed by camper.
  • Please be aware of all carbon monoxide dangers that can be harmful to you or other guests. Vehicle and generator exhaust MUST be expelled safely away from adjacent campsites.
  • Salem Speedway property must be vacated by Tuesday at 6 p.m. following weekend race. Exception for those with paid season long spots.
  • Due to insurance regulations Salem Speedway is prohibited from towing motorhomes, campers, etc. For towing services call – Wilcox Towing 812-883-3888. All towing at campers expense.
  • Obey the rules. Failure to observe rules may result in eviction and possible prosecution.
  • For emergency services – fire, police, ambulance call 911

    We hope you have a great weekend at one of America’s most historic race tracks. Please accept our invitation to join us for some great racing action at Salem Speedway during the 2012 season..

Salem Speedway Management

Indiana Alcohol Beverage Commission Regulations prohibit alcohol carry-in through spectator gates.



Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019






Chuck Barnes Jr.

Louisville, KY



Dan Banker

Des Moines, IA



Baden Stewart

Salem, IN



Marcus Elliott

Sellersburg, IN



Kyle Hadley

Louisville, KY



Heath Helton

Philpot, KY



Jeff Berg

Louisville, KY



Shawn Smith

Louisville, KY



Scott Caudell

Seymour, IN



Tony Conway

Louisville, KY



Brandon Deckard

Shepherdsville, KY



Shayne Slider

Henryville, IN



David Bayens

Borden, IN



Johnny Magee

Carthage, IN



Scott Wisman

Floyds Knobs, IN



David Powell

Greenville, IN



Todd Kempf

Huntingburg, IN



Brian Bayer

Birdseye, IN



Austin Baum

Shepherdsville, KY



Joe Williamson

Shepherdsville, KY



Mike Royal

Philpot, KY



John McLaren

Louisville, KY



Mike Todd

Pleasant Hill, IA



Brandon Burkhart

Bargersville, IN



Frank Kimmel II

Concord, NC



Rick Gumm

Crothersville, IN



Will Kimmel

Sellersburg, IN



Phil Jenkins

Greenfield, IN



Chuck Barnes Sr.

Louisville, KY



Fred Hopkins

New Castle, IN



Justin Fiedler

Louisville, KY



Brett Hudson

Owensboro, KY



Ronnie Basham III

Clarksville, IN



Josh Way

Painesville, OH



Skeeter Crum

Jeffersonville, IN



Tyler Hopkins

New Castle, IN



Harold Bratcher

Louisville, KY



Nick Reed Jr.

Louisville, KY



Dale Harper

Indianapolis, IN



Billy Williams

Bowling Green, KY



Jeff Maysey

Owensboro, KY



Aaron Abbott

Reyolds Station, KY



  • General Admission seating is located on the bottom twelve rows of wooden bleachers.  Guests may sit anywhere in that section that they would like. Reserved Seating is located on the top ten rows of metal bleachers.  There are backs on these seats, and seats are guaranteed for the ticket holders.


  • While Salem Speedway offers a wide variety of concessions, guests are permitted to bring coolers into the track area.  Coolers should be no larger than 14" x 14".  Glass bottles and alcohol are prohibited.


  • Salem Speedway offers Advanced Tickets prices for fans who order tickets prior to the race.  Fans may purchase Advanced Tickets any time until 5 pm on the Friday before the race.  Ticket prices increase $2.00 at the gate the day of the race.  Fans purchasing Advanced Tickets can have them maiedl directly to their home for a $2.00 fee, or place their tickets in Will-Call.  On the day of the race, tickets and credit card receipts can be picked up at the Will-Call window.  Please have a photo ID available.  Tickets will not be mailed the week of a race.


  • Fans may purchase tickets by calling Salem Speedway, purchase them using the "EVENT TICKETS" page of this website, or by stopping by the office located on the second floor of the tower.  A credit card number will be required for orders taken over the phone.  Salem Speedway strongly discourages fans from sending credit card information via email.  If you would like to place a ticket order via email, please include your phone number and someone from our office will gladly contact you to take the order.  We accept all major credit cards, cash and personal checks.


  • Spectators are welcome to enjoy the races from the infield of Salem Speedway for most of our events.  Fans can get into the infield with a general admission ticket, however, they will not be able to cross the track if practice, qualifications, or racing is underway.  There is a concession stand, and restroom facility in the infield, and spectators are permitted to have tents, portable grills, lawn chairs, and other equipment to make the races enjoyable.


  • Camping is permitted in the grassy areas outside of the track free of charge.  Fans wishing to camp on the grounds should be aware that there are no hook-ups for RV's.  Portable restroom facilities are available near the track entrance.